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We are glad to inform that in the occasion of the International exhibition ITMA 2011, we have presented for the first time three new important models (models S/AAR DSH, S/MSA-E COMBI and S/EIP4)which enrich the wide range of SILC professional ironing equipment. These new models have been developed on the basis of the requests and needs submitted directly by the final users.

Moreover, we have also presented the new and updated version of our special machine for finishing shirts mod. S/MPC-3S.

The new models presented during the fair are the followings:


The first new machine is the model S/AAR DSH, a self-contained ironing table with the height of the table top adjustable by the operator (from 84 to 108 cm). The machine can be use indifferently by left and right hand users, because the pedals are on both the sides. Even the arm with the sleeve form can be applied on both the sides of the machine. The table is equipped with built-in electric boiler (capacity 8 l - power 4 kW), water pump and vacuum group.


The second important new machine presented at ITMA is the new electronic version of the multi-finishing machine, mod. S/MSA-E COMBI. This new machine, which takes the place of the old version with manual control, is provided with a PLC microprocessor with independent programs for the three machines. The operator is able to operate the three machines together or just one of them, by arranging independent programs for each machine. The microprocessor is extremely reliable and easy to use. The COMBI machine is an interesting solution for the laundries who want to arrange a "shirts finishing corner” without spending too much.

Mod. S/EIP4

Very important are also the improvements made on our universal ironing press with pneumatic functioning - now called S/EIP4. In conformity to the European Directive EN 10472-6 and on the basis of the requests of the market, we have introduced some new features that have increased the quality and safety of the machine. As first thing, the safety guard ring on the top buck with closing by two push buttons is now a standard device of the machine (as per European Directive EN 10472-6). The other new features are: bucks approaching without automatic closing; beating of bucks; frontal air pressure regulators (pressing pressure, closing of bucks speed and approaching); bigger support plate.

Mod. S/MPC-3S

The last new machine presented at ITMA, is the updated version of our professional machine for finishing of shirts, mod. S/MPC-3S (3rd series). It is a renewed form finisher for new and washed shirts, with automatic and pneumatic functioning. In addition to the traditional characteristics of this machine (shaped structure which adapts automatically to the shirt; tensioning and stretching of the shirt both horizontally and vertically; heated front pad in stainless steel and cuff fixing clamps; electronic control by means of a microprocessor with 10 finishing programs; water spray gun) we have introduced two important features that have improved considerably the functioning of the machine. The first new feature is the introduction of an automatic system for the positioning of the form according to the size of the shirt; this system is run by a photocell that fix the height of the form. The second important innovation is the introduction of the ventilation of cold air at the end of the finishing cycle. As the old version, this machine is available only for connection to central steam and compressed air.



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