SILC Spa was founded by Mr. Walter Darini in 1968. Placed in Jesi (Italy), the company manufactures industrial ironing machines for drycleaning shops, laundries, garment industries and communities. In 1985, alongside of SILC Spa, Mr. Darini founded a second company, FIM Srl involved in the production of cooker hoods, covers for fridges and accessories for kitchen interior decoration, all made in stainless steel. In 2009, with the aim of an industrial expansion, it has been created the new company SIL FIM srl from the merge of the two entities SILC and FIM.

The factory of the company covers an area of more than 10.000 square meters. All the company departments and offices are placed in this plant: from productive lines to commercial and administrative offices, up to the core of the company, that are the technical and planning offices, where are carried out the activities of design and development of new models and proposals suitable to satisfy the requests of the market and to guarantee quality excellence and absolute safety.

Commercial Strategy

After the first years of activity mainly focused in Italy, Silc rapidly widened its activity range to the international markets, at once obtaining great successes.

Nowadays, SILC finishing equipments are delivered worldwide in more than 90 countries and the export represents the 80% of total production of Silc.

One of the most important markets for SILC is of course the European one. The export to European countries concerns both the Communitarian countries and the Eastern Europe nations. In particular very intense is the export to Spain, France and Great Britain which represent the main markets in the Western Europe, while Russia, Czech Republic and Ukraine are the most important markets in the Eastern Europe.
Silc has an high commercial exchange with the countries of the Southern Mediterranean, among which the most important are  Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Israel.
Also the Middle and Far East are very important markets for Silc; a great quantity of machines are delivered to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait for the Middle East and to Indonesia and Vietnam for the Far East! Moreover, the presence of Silc equipments in China is very consolidated and strong, with more than 5000 are in operation!
Silc ironing machines have reached also the New World, both in North America and South America. Just to make a simple example, all the best hotels in Cuba use only Silc equipments.

In all these countries it has been established a capillary network of distributors and dealers for the distribution of Silc equipments to final customers. These dealers provide also many services to the customers as equipment installation and after sales assistance, by means of local technicians which are trained in Silc factory.

During its 40 years of activity Silc has attended all the most important international trade shows: IMB, TEXCARE, EXPODETERGO, HOST…


Since its first steps, Silc has based its activity and success on the achievement of the greatest product quality. For this reason the whole constructive and productive cycle has been always object of great attention and care.

In order to reach the best product quality Silc has focused its activity on two specific points. First, all the manufacturing phases have been maintained within the company’s factory. This fact has allowed Silc to have the total control on the productive cycle and on components and final products quality. The second element of Silc productive strategy is based on the application of technologic innovation in the manufacturing process. Laser cut machines, robotized bending machines, automated welding stations and robotized painting lines represent some of the equipments used in Silc factory and assure a manufacturing process of very high quality.

At the end of productive process, before to be packed and delivered, the Silc machines are subjected to a series of tests and checks, which guarantee the complete productive, qualitative and functional safety of all the equipments.

Another important aspect relative to Silc productive process concerns the manufacture of stainless steel. Both the two companies of the group, Silc and Fim, use in the productions of their machines the best stainless steel present in the market. Combining the different experiences of the two companies in the production of ironing machines and cooker hoods, the working cycle of stainless steel in Silc factory has reach the highest possible level.


1. Experience – More than 40 years of experience in the production and commercialization of ironing machines. A strong presence in the most advanced international markets. A constant attention to the evolutions of the market with up-to-date machines. A total quality control from the choice of raw materials and components to final tests.

2. Range of products – With more than 50 models offered Silc can propose a range of products able to satisfy all the ironing requirements of final customers. Ironing tables with vacuum, blowing or steaming board, form finishers for laundries or garment industries, pneumatic and manual presses, hot and cold spotting machines, cold ironing tables are only some of the products manufactured by Silc.

3. Product quality – Silc ironing machines have one of the highest level of quality and reliability findable in the market. Moreover Silc produces specific machines (and not adapted solutions) to the specific final sector of use: laundries, drycleanings, garment industries, communities.

4. Terms of delivery – ilc is proud to have deliveries time very short always respected. This has always been one of the more important characteristic of our activity.

5. Prices – Silc is able to offer to customers products with very high quality and reliability at competitive prices. Moreover Silc offers to its customers an important range of pre and post sales services (as a capillary assistance network, spare parts availability etc.) which makes the quality/price rate of Silc products unbeatable.


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